Do you know if you have friends with money or investors you can get if you have a working strategy who are ready and willing to invest in forex if you do then you don't need to trade for them in.

How You Can Get Paid By NLFX Every Month

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I already have history and portfolios ready to show for proof of a working strategy with profits on MyFxBook.

Once you introduce an investor you get paid 5% to 10% of profits made each month from NLFX profit share based on the accounts size introduced
(Minimum of $100,000) and anything above $100k if you introduce will gain you a higher percentage gain increase.

For example you introduce and investor who has 150,000$ and that month I make 45,000$ which is just barely 30% in 1 month which is just average.

The investor takes 22,500$ I take 15,750$ you take 6,750$(15% because of higher investment). Each month’s profits vary however.

For example a month I made over 70% (Which I have MyFxBook to prove this) you will receive a large profit just from introducing the investor(Only for every month he’s still under my account management you get paid just for introducing him. As long as he stays).